Are denominationally specific questions allowed? For example: despite being a life-long (I am 38 this month) Catholic the notion of "the common priesthood of the Faithful" is, at best, vague to me. I would like to learn more about this if anyone can clue me into it, but I only want answers that appertain to me as a Catholic.

Are questions restricting the answers to being Catholic-only allowed on Christianity.SE?

(I'm not saying that a non-Catholic cannot give a very good Catholic answer; I would only be looking for an answer that is based on Catholic teaching and applies to me as a Catholic.)

  • Questions from specific denominations are in fact encouraged on this site. It makes it far easier to pick an objective correct answer.
    – TRiG
    Feb 6, 2012 at 12:06

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Yes, absolutely!

Just point your question directly at the Catholic tradition and perhaps tag it as well. Answerers can believe anything they want, but the answers themselves will be expected to cover only the scope of Catholic doctrine.

In fact, these are more encouraged than non denominationally specific questions.


Also, check out these other meta posts

Everyone's been pretty nice on the site even though Catholics are a pretty small minority. I have yet to have anyone say, "I don't care what some priest says". Like they might (do) on Facebook.

The vague questions, like the one on Ephesians we both answered today, are really not good fits for the site, I actually shouldn't have bothered to answer it. The OP needs to state the source of the doctrine they're looking for answers from or else it becomes a popularity contest.

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