I read an answer where @SLM wrote a 92,000 word manuscript about the life, death, and burial of Jesus. Is there a way to order it?

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    Hi Ron, I followed up with @SLM through a comment to one of his answers where he mentioned the manuscript. I realize that since currently you don't have enough points you cannot comment there yet (although you can comment on your own question). But I'm afraid asking a question like this is not the way to do it. Please take the tour. Sep 4 '21 at 14:19
  • While not the manuscript in question, the LDS have a freely available book Jesus the Christ, by James E Talmage (about ~700pg)
    – depperm
    Sep 4 '21 at 14:22

Thanks for asking. My manuscript has not been published, though I tried with the big Christian publishing houses. I understand they prefer someone who can both write and has a platform. My next choice is self-publishing, though I have been trying to avoid that.

So, not sure the path forward, but probably it is to put it in book shape (make sure the headings, charts, etc are standard) to self-publish.

Thanks also to GratefulDisciple for making the link.


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