This is based on this question which while I believe is a good question, I don't believe is a good fit for this site, but maybe I don't understand the rules as well as I believe since a mod commented that it was a good question.


  • Is asking about the ethics of all Christianity (different denominations have different beliefs on vaccines so there will be differing ethics depending on who you ask, Christian ethics...too broad)
  • Is asking about vaccines (different denominations have different opinions on vaccines, Immunization and Religion...too broad)
  • Is asking about the ethics of abortion in one sense (again different denominations have different opinions on abortion, Where major religious groups stand on abortion...too broad)
  • title mentions how best for a Christian to explore the ethics of ... (best is subjective, and different denominations would have different approaches...opinion based)

I'd like iterate that I believe this is a good question, but as it is stated I feel like it is off topic for this site. Is this question off topic or not and why?


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I think it's more like Biblical Basis questions than overview questions. If there's a known doctrinal reason for X ethical principle (in this case using aborted babies to culture vaccines) in set of Y faith traditions (Catholics for sure, hopefully others), it's like saying there's a known doctrinal reason for M dogmatic principle (i.e. The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist) in the set of N faith traditions (i.e. Catholic, Orthodox). And you could ask those questions under the guise of without calling out the denominations (although it usually helps).

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