We have but one tag. This tag is currently being reviewed to clarify its use and intent. The purpose of this qustion (which is related), is to ascertain whether we need a second tag (which kinda depends on what we do with the linked meta discussion).

Proposal: Should we create an tag, which would be a tag for questions about apologetics, meaning they are questions about what Apologetics is, how apologetic arguments are developed, what makes a good apologist. In other words, the tag would refer to the study, field, or process of Apologetics.

Contrast this with the existing tag, which would be a tag identifying a question as needing assistance developing a specific apologist argument.

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I don't really think two tags are needed, but if the site community thinks two are warranted then I think it should be the other way round - should be about the field as a whole, and a new tag, perhaps should be about particular apologetic arguments, whether ones the OP knows about, or questions asking for help developing them.

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