As I understand the question; it is asking why a Christian should have concern about sinning since Jesus has already paid for our sins. My answer was directed to that particular question, and to me covered the reasons a Christian should care? If I have misunderstood or misstated something I feel that I deserve an explanation as to the particular wrong. Please advise me of what is unacceptable about my answer. I am not trying to be contentious, or questioning the deletion, it is only that I do not understand what is wrong.


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The rationale provided in David's and Caleb's answers to your meta question from a few years ago applies here as well: What is wrong with answering general questions Biblicaly?

I won't rehash the entire argument, but in my judgment this question, Christian and Sin, is clearly off-topic. It asks a truth question and does not ask for a specific tradition's viewpoint. Such questions should not be answered, and should definitely not be answered with personal exegesis.

Therefore, when I closed the question, I also deleted the answers. Allowing the answers to remain would encourage people to hurry up and answer off-topic questions before they are closed, which is exactly what we do not want. If you answer an off-topic question, it's thus important to recognize that there is a strong chance that your answer will be deleted.

Please reread David's and Caleb's answers to the question linked above. And please: do not answer off-topic questions, particularly with personal exegesis. If you do, it should not surprise you when it is deleted.

Of course, deletion is not necessarily permanent. If the question is edited to be on-topic, and if you edit your answer to directly answer what the updated question asks, please flag it so that a moderator can review it for undeletion.

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