I would like to apologize for my reaction to criticism of a post I made related to Christian Zionism. I was really unfair to some of the people who made comments and reacted very badly to my answer being deleted. I would like to especially apologize to @Caleb, who was actually supportive but made a good case for why my answer was deleted.

I am not offering this as any sort of excuse, but there are many Christians in Gaza and the West Bank who some of us feel are oppressed by the Israeli nation-state. International Orthodox Christian Charities - a pan-Orthodox Christian organization that coordinates relief efforts by Orthodox Christians in the United States - has supported a fund for 20 years designed to help especially people in the West Bank and Gaza. I let my feelings of solidarity with those in these areas who are suffering get in the way of objectively addressing an otherwise straightforward question that was posted.

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    I didn't see any of the goings-on, but thank you for displaying a commendable level of maturity. – Matt Gutting Mar 29 '17 at 17:43

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