With Advent now underway in much of the Western Church, I am inspired by this post to start a bounty challenge. (My apologies to those who follow a different calendar.)

I personally will be offering one bounty for each week of advent (see my answer below). If others are interested in participating, they are encouraged to do so, using whatever criteria they prefer. (The 2013 Advent bounties, linked above, were awarded to existing high quality content.) If you would like to participate, simply add an answer answer describing your criteria with links to your chosen winners.

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    The Eastern Church in America who follow the revised Julian calendar (like me) are in their Nativity Fast period, which is roughly equivalent. So don't worry ;)
    – Dan
    Dec 3, 2015 at 12:49

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Thanks for reviving this. I'll follow your lead, but with a different focus: rewarding existing, overlooked answers that deal skillfully with difficult, technical subjects.

  • Awesome. Two minor suggestions: 1) write a few lines explaining your choice. 2) Link back here via a comment after you award the bounty (a la the 2013 edition).
    – ThaddeusB
    Nov 30, 2015 at 23:57
  • @ThaddeusB Good points. For future ones I'll link here in the bounty description. Dec 1, 2015 at 0:11

Gonna spread some love, (don't need to get to 20000 rep ever anyway). I'm gonna find questions I like tagged and that I think need better answers.

update I like both the answers on there, gonna have to just let them split the bounty.


My criteria will be questions that are fairly important to Christianity (i.e. that many people are interested in), but don't yet have a good answer. Thus, the hope is that the site will gain some new, high-quality content, in addition to offering our regulars a chance to increase their reputation.

Week 1: In which year was Christ born? (50 pts)

  • I thought I'd start this off with a season-appropriate question. Although this question was posed back in 2011, and received plenty of upvotes, none of the existing answers are all that good. Specifically, all answers are short and primarily provide a link to an external resource with little original content.

    • I ended up awarded the bounty to an existing answer since only one new answer was offered and it didn't add much.

Week 2: What is the origin of the Catholic apocrypha? (100 pts)

  • Existing answers are OK. However, one is mostly quotes of other sources and the other is very brief. Neither answer covers the origins of the books in sufficient details, IMO.

    • Bounty awarded to AthanasiusOfAlex's new answer for thoroughly answering the question. This is exactly the kind of high quality new content I was hoping this contest would motivate.

Week 3: What is significant about the torn curtain? (150 pts)

  • Despite a huge number of up votes and views, the existing answers are lacking both in details and referencing. A good answer should thoroughly explain why the tearing of the curtain is significant, not just state a reason, and also explain the centurion's remark (which is not touched on by any existing answer).

    • Bounty awarded to James Shewey for his excellent new answer. This thoroughly referenced answer might be too long for some tastes, but is exactly what I wanted to see. It's a nice complement to existing brief explanation (i.e. the accepted answer) for those who want to go more in depth.

Week 4: Who first distinguished between the inerrancy of the Bible and the inerrancy of the original autographs? (200 pts)

  • Compared to my other offerings, this is a pretty recent question. However, it is of great interest to me personally and apparently a lot of other people based on the high number of votes and views it has received in its brief time on the site.

    I'm not looking for a definitive answer (i.e. proof no earlier authors wrote about the subject), but instead just a well-researched one.

    • I forgot to hit the "award bounty" button, so James Shewey's excellent answer was auto awarded the bounty. Mr. Bultitude and Dick Harfield also had nice answers; any of the three were potentially worthy of the bounty.

Seeing as we have bounties for existing questions which need better answers, and bounties to reward great answers, I will offer some bounties on new questions. I hope that these questions will have some wide interest. The bounties will be added a couple of days after the questions. If anyone has ideas for a question, or is planning to ask one they think will have wide interest, message me on Chat.

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