When I see a question in the "all questions" list on page one, can I assume it is a new question, or an old one with a new answer, or do the questions shuffle automatically?

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It depends on your sorting method. El'endia Starman's answer describes when you have the sort set to "active", but there are 5 other options that could be selected:

  • newest (sorts by newest question)
  • featured (shows only posts that have active bounties pending)
  • frequent (sort by [recent?] page views)
  • votes (by highest votes for the question)
  • unanswered (questions with no upvoted answers yet)
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On the front page, questions are sorted by those most recently active. This includes:

  • The question was posted
  • An answer was posted
  • The question (including tags) was edited
  • An answer was edited
  • A bounty was added
  • The question was closed or reopened

And maybe one or two other actions. So questions are sorted by which ones had these actions done more recently.

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