Unlike most books of the Bible, the two Corinthians epistles share a tag: . What do you think about splitting it up into and ?

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I think for the most part, people are more concerned with 1 Corinthians than with 2 Corinthians. There are also only 18 questions with this tag and only two of them are about the second epistle 1 2. None of them appear to be about the church or the people of that area and time specifically.

So I don't think changing the tag serves a real or useful purpose today.

That said, I still think it should be done. If I were doing a study on 2 Cor. I don't want my search to include wading through all the 1 Cor. posts if it doesn't have to. Further, I may actually want to ask a question about the people and church of that time. The current tag excerpt excludes that use.

So, yes, they should be separated into:

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    Presumably the same should also apply to 1- 2- and 3-John, which appear to be similarly absent. – Andrew Leach Oct 17 '14 at 19:40

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