My last question (now deleted) was very unpopular, the main reason seeming to be that it was unclear as a Christianity question as it was about God being infinite and all good things being perfected endlessly in the being of God. I thought this was an accepted part of our faith...but, as it's not about anything Scripture, maybe it's not. My question is, if ( as suggested) that question was philosophical rather than Christian, is it best to ask questions about the Bible's text? Thanks- learning all the time (hopefully!)


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No. That's one of the standard close reasons.

General philosophical or sociological questions are off-topic unless clearly asking for a doctrinal answer.See: On-topic and constructive examples.

And covered ad-nauseum on Meta and in comments on tons of posts.

If you can frame them correctly, you can get away with asking how group X answers philosophical question Y.

See Tips for editing a question to make it suitable for re-opening

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