Like asking for lectures/books on "Revelation", or for certain topics like "The Bible in the light of today's science".

Whether it's online lectures, books, audio/video materials on a certain topic, is it ok to ask for them here ?


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Not really.

In general, on Stack Exchange we want specific questions with right answers, if you do want to request a resource you should provide a significant amount of information on what you want to get out of the resource so that there is a clear set of requirements on which to base an answer.

This kind of question is not one we encourage. We would prefer that you choose topics that interest you and ask questions about those (again, be specific, there are a lot of views on a lot of issues in christianity, asking for all of the views on a certain topic is generally too broad).

But, asking questions is often a way to find resources. Do some googling before you ask to see if you can find the answer yourself, and then if you still feel the need to ask a question, ask in a way that you ask what you want to learn (Again, boil it down to specifics). Then you either get the answer, or a lot of times you get an answer and some resources to investigate further.

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