In trying to use the tag recently, I found that the tag in the system is .

It seems odd to me to prefer the plural over the singular. I propose converting the tag to the singular .

We do have the tag defined as "the traditional component of a person distinct from 'body' and 'mind'. Perhaps the two should be synonyms. I personally favor over as the primary tag, but it is not that important to me.

Alternatively, we have the tag , so perhaps we might prefer . I do not, however, because I think we have to differentiate from various Eucharistic (though the only one we currently have is ).

So I propose that we create the tag to replace and give it a definition something like this:

The spirit of life within the human body. Sometimes used to refer to an immortal essence of every human. Also, sometimes used as a synonym for any living human.

I think the tag should avoid more than that because there are many different interpretations on what the soul is or even that the immortal soul exists. I am even in favor of it being just the first sentence.

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    There is already a thread for tag synonym suggestions. Though this post is more involved than just suggesting a tag synonym, it might still have fit there.
    – user3331
    Sep 24, 2013 at 12:43


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