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Are questions from atheists welcome here?

On 'Christianity SE' as it stands, do atheist have the right to question and offer their comments on matter of faith.


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An atheist cannot interfere in a process where there is dissemination of questions and answers pertaining to a faith and belief system. This would be like a mathematician asking for a mathematcal model of God, when given an answer based on faith. Considering the position of unbelief and utter faithlessness of an atheist in that which a faithful considers to be beyond comprehension and give no scientific explanation for existence of God, how an atheist who depends his very existence on lack of faith in God, argue a point of faith. There seems to be no sense in this and it is freely practiced on this site. Just because this site is run by a secular entity does not mean that any one can force his way on others just beacause they are in posion to do so. CSE is an entirely seperate domain for Christian views ONLY and secular trait of main secular site cannot be applied to it and that is the reason I believe it is branched seperately from main stachexchange which is run by secularist and there can be views only from a person having 'faith' on CSE not otherwise. Why don't atheist confine to their own site where they are free to air their views without hurting anyones beliefs..

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    Having been an atheist once, my beliefs aren't in much danger of being hurt. Personally, I think a few Christians could stand to do some more critical view of our own beliefs, both to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to make us better able to evangelize to the atheist and agnostic. Christians that can't address the foolish arguments thrown at us effectively make us look ignorant. Nothing hardens steel like tempering through fire, and a challenge to our own preconceptions should, if God is true, strengthen our faith, not hurt it. Commented Oct 23, 2012 at 3:30

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