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I'm wondering if there's a standard way for voluntarily labeling one's theological beliefs. For example, in my profile page, I've labeled myself as pre-trib, pre-millenial, and predestination.

I completely understand why people would want to not do this (and thus the voluntary nature); but I think it could potentially be helpful -- since this way, when reading a response, I can click on the person's profile, and know what theological beliefs they're coming from.


Is there a "standard way" to tag one's theological beliefs?

Is this even a good idea? Or is this equally bad as Christianity.SE statistics?

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    no standards that we've set out. Doesn't hurt to ID your position in your profile but holding a positiong does not preclude you from answering form a different position so I can understand why someone would not want to ID their position outright – wax eagle Aug 18 '12 at 14:58
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